Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Clint parasailing on our way back from Isla Mujeres

Mindy parasailing - on the dismount, did a flip (not on purpose)  and got body slammed!!
Clint was begging everyone on the beach to let him burry them...he finally convinced this guy, who was very drunk.

YMCA - dancing on the boat!! (and Deonne's finger in the corner - I guess she wanted to be in the picture too)

These were the awesome outfits the baggers wore at Wal-Mart in Cancun...don't you wish we had them in the in USA!!!!

With this large of brim, you would think it would block the sun...

Snorkeling on the reef of Isla Mujeres 

The photographer made us smile under water...salty!!
I felt like I just ate a bag of Salt n' Vinegar chips

Watch out - Nacho - you may have some competition!

Deonne wasn't so sure about her dinner...especially when I mentioned it looked like Harvey, my childhood pet, the hermit crab!!!

Smile...we just ate dinner, it was yummy!!

Jessica's dinner was she is "finished" as Taysen would sign...

Brooke, why are you showing me your butter knife?? Are you threatening me???

This is what you do with all the umbrella’s from Clint's many, many piña colada he orders in a day (good thing they are included - I think he got 10-15 a day) 

End the day with a relaxing massage on the boat!!

Chitzen Itza Ruins (aka - chicken pizza - that was our drivers joke...we all thought it was the most funny thing ever, so for the rest of the trip when anyone would say, chitzen itza...we would all say "chicken pizza") it doesn't take much to make us laugh

This is a cenote (underground fresh water well) much fun to swim in and jump of the big jump.  I walked all the way to the top of the jump...waited...and waited some more, then walked the back embarrassing!!

Cancun was a blast -- if you go, let me know, so I can tell you all the wonderful places to visit. 


Jylaire said...

It looks like you guys had so much fun!!! I swear, you and Brooke haven't changed a bit in 15 years!

Steph said...

What a fun trip! I am glad you guys had a good time!!

Yankeefans said...

How fun for you guys!!!!